Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wednesday night 09/25/09

Tonight ,church was wonderful!We had a beautiful praise and time of Worship and then Pastor A. started asking people to stand up and say what they are thankful for!
What came to my mind( after much digging) right away was my good health and that I have five beautiful children who are my Life!Then I realized that (even the little ones that I almost miss)I am also so thankful for all the blessings that continue to happen every day and how God is always right there by my side growing, guiding, loving and protecting me!
Then Pastor A. said to stand if there was a person you were thankful for.I then realized I needed to stand up and talk about my Husband!Yikes! I didn't want to speak in front of all those people but I knew if given the chance that I would have to.

I didn't get a chance to speak but this is what I would have said...(I did tell him when we got home)
I am thankful for my Husband ,Steve.He has been the most PaTienT,ComPaSSioNaTe and CaRiNG Husband that I could have ever asked for!He always supports me in all that I want to do! He is a Stand-up Daddy to our twins, and my other children(his stepchildren)This year has been VERY difficult for me because of many things, but mostly my son Jason and his INcarCeration!He has NeVeR complained and had stood by me through alot of tough,tough decisions and even more emotional outbursts,breakdowns and just down right bawling!

Baby,I love you!!! You are the Best!!!You are my Rock!Forgive me for being so blind!
Happy Thanksgiving! I am so glad you love Me!I love you more than words could ever say!

I want to wish all my blog friends a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving!!I love you all!!


Matty said...

Fantastic things to be thankful for. Family is first on the list. Mine too.

Enjoy the holiday.

Shana said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Daveda said...

HI there! It's really nice to meet you :) Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by Grace Talk to say hello. I LOvE making new friends!

I really enjoyed your post, it sounds like the Lord has blessed your life to overflowing :)

Tami G said...

Awwwww - came over to visit from your visit on my post-its. THis is the sweetest post EVAH!!!
too sweet!

I'm now following you!!
AND your a runner?!?! BONUS!!!
{I'm working on that..ran my first 5K about a month ago}

Tami G

Annie said...

Great post Olga.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving with family.

Thanks for being my friend.

Meg Runs said...

So important that he knows how much you appreciate him, good for you!!

Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad you told your husband how much you appreciate him. It's so easy to forget that they are right there with us through it all sometimes. They are such constant support that we often forget about them needing encouragement too!

christy rose said...

What a sweet Thanksgiving post! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, one to remember forever!