Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update~County Jail Blues and other Running Thoughts

I wanted to write an update from my last post about going to visit my son,Jason.
Okay, so I am driving to the video visitation place and looking forward to at least seeing his handsome face on the screen, when I see all these blue lights and police cars everywhere. I knew right then that I wasn't going to get to visit with him.So while I am driving by the street that I was suppose to turn on a police officer comes to my window, and lets me know that the road is blocked off and that I have to keep going.He also informs me that there is an EsCaPeD Prisoner!!!So,I pull down onto a side street that isn't blocked, and park my car.I get out and start walking towards the visitation center and where the police is.I am very determined to see my son!Oh yeah, there are also helicopters going crazy above all of this too!!The police(same one) motions for me to come to him and then lets me know, very nicely, that no one is going down the street and all visits are cancelled!!Okay God,I know that it is just not meant to happen today!I did ask the police if the escapie is a young white kid(my son) and he reassures me that it is not him!!Yeay, I think laughing to myself! Yeah,I know a little crazy but it really is all so surreal at times.I walk back to my car and then I start thinking about this escaped prisoner and how he could jump out and grab me or something!!So know I'm walking like a very paranoid person and realizing that I am,oh, just a little bit touched! I mean how much excitement can a girl handle for one afternoon!?!
The saddest part is that I didn't get to see him and he didn't even know that I was coming! He called and told me that the next day!

I also wanted to write that I am just obssessed with my running!(My running peeps,I know you understand!)I mean I can't get anyone to watch my twinkies, so I can train! It really stinks!!I am always wondering when and if I'll be able to run and knowing that I will feel like crap if I don't! Plus my newest goal is to win a 5k within a year!!
I hope soon that I will be able to get my chubby bunnies back in our B.O.B stroller and head out! It is starting to cool off here!! Woo-Hoo!!!
Okay, I hope I didn't bore you to death!


Amy said...

Oh I'm sorry you didn't get to visit your son. Hope you will get to see him soon! :]

Good for you for being obsessed with your running! I'm jealous of you. I can't run for more than a few feet without feeling like dropping to the floor. hehe.

Lani said...

Oh my Gosh that is crazy! I'm glad you didn't get snatched by the escapee!

Meg Runs said...

I would have been thinking it was my son who had escaped does seem surreal and once one thing happens, what would prevent the next from happening too!? No more suprises, right!?
Stick to your running, it is so good for you in every way!

Unknown Mami said...

Sorry you didn't get to see your son.

Connie Weiss said...

What a bummer that you didn't get to see your boy! And I'm really glad that the escaped prisoner didn't get you!

I am a new runner and I have to do it at 5:30am before my husband leaves for work or I just can't get it done.

Good Luck!