Monday, January 11, 2010

MusiC MondaY!!!

It is Music Monday at my friends
Tara's place!We are to pick a song of our choice so today I pick Undo by: Rush of Fools
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I also just wanted to say thank you to all of my friends out there for writing such nice comments and for always stopping back by.
Also wanted to give a shout out to my daughter Belle who plays Music Monday along with us! Hi honey!! She has a private blog so she's not linked up but how cool is that??
I have been in a little bit sad since my son Jason's sentencing.They moved him a week ago and I didn't know where he was for a few days! That was an awful feeling but God is good and he gave me peace in my heart when i didn't think it possible!I found where he was and I connected with a very special lady on the phone who reassurred me that he was okay and gave me her extention to call at anytime!.This is still all so surreal to me but it is my life and very real.I want to assure my readers that he did not hurt anyone.I'm not sure how much I can write about it since this is a public blog.
I don't feel like their is anyone on this planet that I can talk to about this so I try to write and even that seems blocked!

On the running front I have decided not to run the Princess Half Marathon, again in March. My heart truly wasn't in it and it really needs to be to do a run like that!
What my heart IS into is WinninG a 5k in my age group by the end of ThiS year!!!so I am continuing to train and am making alot of progress.I have taken almost 10 minutes off my 5k since July!!! Woo~Hoo!!!
My new personal Best is 28:09!I have NevEr run this fast in my entire life!!
I might be able to win one with 28 minutes somewhere! 24 minutes for sure!!

Borrowed from my daily readings:
Regardless of how bad things appear,God is Greater than any situation!

I love all of you!!


Tara said...

That is so cool that Belle plays along. I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are doing well. I can't even imagine how hard it must be on you with having little to no contact with your son. I dont' remember if you were following me back in August when the incident with our dog occurred. (The post is the #1 post of 2009 and listed in my right sidebar) She is just like my child, I had no idea where she was located and my whole world fell apart for 3 days. I didn't want to go on but thankfully the story had a positive outcome. I pray for peace for you during this trial! God will never leave you and when you can't write it out, you can tell it to him! If you need to write it out, maybe you could set up a private blog just for yourself!

Lori said...

Enjoyed this song. Had never heard it before, but enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son. I would love to know more about what happened to lend more of an ear to you. So if you feel like it give me an email. Just think positive about this whole thing and be a survivor. Sometimes life gets rough, but it just makes us stronger in the end. Quiet and appropriate song and great choice. Love it. Have a wonderful Monday :) I send you much aloha and sunshine my friend :)

Jayme said...

Aw hon, I am so sorry you feel like you have no one to talk to about your son :(

Andrea said...

Praying for you as you deal with the situations with your son. We do not have to have the details. GOD knows and HE intercedes where our prayers lack. I can't imagine your pain of not knowing whether your son is okay or not. I am sorry you are dealing with this right now and do not feel you have anyone to talk to about it. Just know there are others storming the heavens on your behalf.
Blessings, andrea

Rachael said...

just wanted you to know that i am thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers. if you need to talk, you can always send me an email. hang in there!

Unknown Mami said...

Stay strong.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I'm sorry that your family has to go through such a tough time. I'm not sure if you're familiar with former pro skateboarder Christian Hosoi, from Hawaii, but he was into drugs and bad stuff when he was young, got sent to prison, and is now a pastor. There is a documentary called "Rising Son (The Christian Hosoi Story)" that came out a few years ago, it's very inspiring and motivational, I highly recommend it.

glitterbygrammie said...

I am sorry to hear of your family problems. Hang in there and like alot of others if you need to vent. E-mail me. Or post what you can.
I liked the song. It seems to be theraputic to write. I have found this out lately. Stay strong.

Tammy said...

Thinking and praying for you girl!

Maybe this will cheer you up. Check out my blog today...there is a gift waiting for you!

mimi said...

I love that song!

It's so nice to "meet" you :)