Monday, March 29, 2010

Music MondaY!!!!

It is Time for Music Monday at my friend Tara's Place! Please click on anywhere thats highlighted and come play along with us!!
This Sunday is Easter! It is probably the most special week of all.
Jesus,God's son was brutally crucified on the cross for All of OuR SiNs!!
He suffered a horrible death so we wouldn't have to be separated from God(if we didn't want to)I hope you enjoy my songs and that you think about going to church this Sunday!It is never too late no matter what you've done or bad you feel inside!!
God's love is AlwaYs right there waiting for you!
God Bless you All!!

Amazing Grace

How he Loves us

Borrowed from my Daily reads:
Lord,my God,I thank You that all the love in my life is but a mere stepping stone towards YoU~

To my Running Peeps:

last week I ran less than I have since I started back into running(18 months ago)
I got Laryngitis,and just felt awful!!!
I am going to have to call it as a week "Off" and am HatinG It!Coaches Orders(ok Belle's but she is my coach)
Still feeling under the weather but I am NoT taking this week off!!
No how~ No Way~~ NoT!!!LOL

So lets get out there and move it!!!Run~ Walk just try to get a little more active this week!!!Love You All!!!


Tara said...

Two of my favorite songs....EVER! What joy we have in knowing he died for our sins and loves us no matter how undeserving we are!

Hope you are feeling better!

Colette S said...

I love these worship songs! thanks for sharing today.

Anonymous said...

Some very inspirational songs this week. I love Amazing Grace. Great picks. Have a happy MM :)

Run DMT said...

I love the first song. Our church band has played it a few times and it gets me every time. *sniff...sniff*

Thank you for posting these songs. I have been feeling God tugging at my heart this week. This was just what I needed to hear to know how much He loves me. He is faithful.

My God is an awesome God. :-)

Mamarazzi said...

followed you from SITS...not stalking just leaving a little comment love.

i love both of those songs...what a fun meme. i just introduced a new link party over on my blog, come check it out if you like.

cute kiddos!! said...

Love those songs! I am going to go get myself that running widget! Such a great blog.


Kristina said...

What great song choices! Also, congrats on being number two on SITS!

Anonymous said...

saying hi from SITS! i think you're going to inspire me to run again. i was never completely serious about it but i think it's something that i'd like to start doing.

oh and the twins are adorable!

Claudya Martinez said...

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

West Side of Straight said...