Monday, August 2, 2010

Music MondaY!

I am playing Music Monday along with my friend Tara at Keeping up with the Kellys!

This is one of my favorite songs right now!!It hits me right in the heart Everytime I hear it!I been doing alot of getting back up Again lately!Enjoy!

It has been along time since I have written a post!Just haven't been able to get any words out!I am working on a long update and will publish it soon!
On the Twinkie News~
My babies are going to be TWO this Wednesday!!!!I cannot beleive how fast these past two years have gone!I try to cherish every single moment with them because I know how precious these years Are!!We are having a small party just for the fam!Very uncomplicated just the way I like it!

I am very excited that my daughter Belle, is coming to visit on the 14th of this month!She's just been gone for 2 months but it feels like alot longer!!(she moved to N.Y. to go to law school)that's right I'm gonna have my own lawyer when I need one!!LOL!
Seriously,I am so darn proud of her I could holler!!

I am still running but have decided to Refocus on how I look at it!(Okay,I got hurt and was forced to but I really was gonna!)
I am now running for the love of it and not to win or just for the miles!Now I just run according to how I feel on that day and am not so stuck in a routine!This might not make sense but I needed a change~I was a little obsessed~(ALOT)
Is it time to go to the gym YeT??Haha
My son,Jason, is going to be released on the 25th of this month if he continues to stay out of trouble!!I am soo happy and scared at the same time! For his future for my heart~Here's where trusting God is key to me!It is ALL I can do!Pray too!!Prayer is soo underated!!It really helps and WorKs!!I did get to go see him 2 weeks ago and I am working on a post about that trip 'cause let me tell you it was an unbeleivable TriP!!There will be a post soon!!!

One last thing
borrowed from my daily reading~~
Powerful savior,let my faith be so positive and strong that I will be able to assist others to overcome TheiR despair!!

Love you ALL!!


Tara said...

So glad you are playing along today but more than that, I'm glad to read your update. I have really missed you! Hope things continue to go well. Your babies are growing up (Andrew will be 2.5 on Thursday), your daughter is in law school and coming to visit soon and your son will be out soon! Praying for you!


Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad to hear all your happy news! :)

Xmas Dolly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE BEAUTIFUL BABIES OF YOURS! Hugs and smooches too! I didn't remember you playing along on music Monday, but of course I don't remember many things these days. So, I'm back from vacation and working on a come back post, but very tired today. Did ya miss me? hehe I truly missed all my blogging friends. Glad to hear this song though I've never heard it before. At least it woke me up a little.

Cynthia O'H said...

Glad to hear so many wonderful things are going on in your life.

Unknown Mami said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Twinkies! I'm hoping your son does well and I'm glad you get to see your daughter.

a spiritual thread runs through said...

Sooo glad to hear your son's release is soon! Please post SOON about your visit with him--our curiosities are peaked, girl! lol!
Your prayer in your daily reading is profound and holds true for you! Your faith and attitude, since I have known you, has always been so positive and strong that you HAVE assisted me in overcoming my despair! Love you, Olga! Let's run for fun sometime, k?

Jeannett said...

twins AND running???!!! you are my hero! :)

i can hardly brush my teeth and do the twins! :)

JamericanSpice said...

Happy birthday to your sweeties!

Such wonderful news about your daughter Belle, I know you are so proud. She has a beautiful name too.

It will be a new journey for you and your son. I hope it all goes well for his release then.