Monday, February 8, 2010

Music MondaY/Featured BloggeR

It is Music Monday again at my friend Tara's place,"Keeping up with the Kellys" The theme for this week is a song from your favorite t.v. show or musical.
I decided to pick Do-Re-Mi because my twinkies Love it.Lil'Chucky just giggles at the beginning.I also won this cd from one of my favorite blogs who also happens to be featuring me this week!!How cool is that!!The blog is An Island Life with Kailani and it totally Rocks!!!Click here to see my interview

As most of you know I play Aloha Friday every week and was thrilled when she asked me to be on her blog.This is my first time doing this and I am just a little excited okay a LoT!!!
I hope you will go and check it out and leave a comment over there to make me feel special!!
An Island Life
Kailani also has lots of giveaways and fun stuff going on at her blog so feel free to stay awhile!!!

I wasn't able to go to church today(it's Sunday as I'm writing this)My twinkies were sick and Big Chucky was too!I sure missed singing with the team but my family comes first!
I hope and pray that tomorrow brings 2 babies feeling better and 1 hubby back in action.

For my Running Peeps: here it is:
You'll never regret going for a run, but you'll probably regret NoT going!!

I have decided to start writing more about my running since it is( all I think about) always on my mind.I purchased a Garmin over the weekend, and I know that it will help me to keep my pace up when I am running with my twinkies!I am also going to sign up for a training program they have here called the 5 and Dime.It is suppose to help you run a better 5 or 10k.I thought it might be a good idea since one of my goals this year is to WiN a 5K.Yup,pretty crazy but I'm gonna do it!!

borrowed from my Devotions: The direction that your life has taken reveals where the emphasis in your life lies. You may achieve your material objectives, but is that EnougH?Is ThaT why God gave you LiFe?
Remember,you are also a spiritual being,therefore, your spirit can only EveR be FullY satisfied when it is in a dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Love you All have a wonderful weeK!


Tara said...

I love The Sound of Music and was just thinking of this song this morning. I will link you in the morning if I don't forget. Congrats on being a featured blogger! Hope everybody gets to feeling better soon!!!

Kristen Andrews said...

I love the sound of music and love that song!

Belle said...

I sent you an e-mail with upcoming 5k's... let's kick some butt! :-) Love you!

Tina said...

Love it.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I missed church this Sunday also. Stil shoveling to get the cars out. Thanks for the thought provoking words.

Run strong in training for your race WIN!

Matty said...

Thanks for making the settings change. HERE I AM AGAIN!

I've always liked the Sound of Music and all their catchy tunes. Our local high school did they play version this past winter.

I went over and checked out your guest post. You rock!

I was running up until my second knee surgery last Monday. Now it's rehab and hopefully get back to it before too long.

Hey, glad to be back here again.

~ Noelle said...

Saw you as the featured blogger!
By the way...
LOVE the Sound of Music!!

Run DMT said...

I love that running quote. I need to print that out and hang it on my fridge.

I've been running with my Garmin for a couple of years now and I can't run without it. I hope you enjoy yours too.

I play Musical Monday with Diane of Good Mourning, Glory. You should join in the fun!

Diane's link:

My MM link:

JamericanSpice said...

I need one of these CDs. I love listening to her/them.

Congratulations on being featured! I'm definitely going over to read more about you.

I hope you do get to run the 5k.

I love the bit from your devotional. It is so very true. Thanks for sharing.

lauren said...

way to get the #1 slot tonight on SITS. :) Let me know when you get the Wunzees!

Anonymous said...

O.K. - now how can you have an inspirational message with the music from one of my VERY favorite movies? I cannot think and I cannot turn it off:)

My spirit man needs to be in relationship with the BIG H.S. - I keep praying in the morning with my children that they have RELATIONSHIP with God during the day and then throw in relationships things - like talking to God, listening to Him, wondering what He wants you to do. One of my older son started using words like "religious" because he's avoiding "relationship" but we're praying in Faith through that!

It is so not fair to have a good message I want to listen and then to have my favorite I cannot walk away from music because I will never have the will power to turn the music off:)

Be blessed. I'm double blessed for visiting - You have been a ray - a drop of golden sun!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell I cannot listen to the Sound of Music and Write at the same time? LOL

Miss Dot said...

I tell you what, Do-Re-Mi is probably the one song that gets stuck in my head the most from The Sound of Music. That and "I am 16 going on 17, innocent as a roooooooose." In fact, that last song was totally stuck in my head today! How funny :)

Unknown Mami said...

Great interview, Olga!

Too Many Hats said...

I look forward to more running posts as I am training for my first race ever - a hald marathon - what was I thinking. It isn't until 5/2, so I think I will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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